The Iron Empire


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Population: Majority human, with non-humans being used as slaves. Only humans possess rights.


Political Structure: autocracy – theocracy
Strong Influence: Patriotism and religious fervour support the theocracy in it’s power. The government is extremely popular with the people, who see the ruling classes as avatars of the gods.
Popular Issue: Religious Duties
Stability: Unstable
Personal Freedoms: Almost Nonexistant
Scandals: Very Rare


Main Export: Textiles
Main Import: Lumber
Main Resource: Food – Grain / Fruits
Trade: Slight surplus
Strength: Very strong and improving
Wealth: Concentrated in the upper echelons of a theocracy


Main Climate: Temperate – plains
Ocean: On two sides
Mountains: A few
Frequent Trouble: Firestorms
Wilderness: 17%
Wild Animals: Very rare
Natural Resources: Very abundant


Highly Values: Wisdom
Known For: History
Popular Entertainment: Drinking
Respected Profession: Paladin
Discrimination: religion-based
Major Taboo: certain religious rituals
Major Social Ill: Mental Illness


Strength: Strong
Focus: Naval
Main Unit: Small, fast ships
Soldiers: Conscripts
Main Use: Conquest
Rank: Purchased


Occurence: Common
Source: Derived from the Fey world
Major Use: Communication
Viewed: As taboo
Enchanted Items: Common


Type: Polytheism
Focus: Pantheon
Worship: Solemn organized prayer in public temples
Associated Artform: Tile Murals
Prevalence: Believed by most
Holidays: Fairly often


Urban: 5%
Rural: 95%
Literacy Rate: 1%
Gender Ratio: 1.27 male(s)/female
Fertility Rate: 6.3 children/family
Life Expectancy: 32.9 years

The Rulers of the Iron Throne

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The Military of the Iron Throne

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The Pantheon of the Iron Throne

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The Iron Empire

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