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It is known that nine months ago to the day that the Emperor of the Iron Empire, Sword Lord of Catuvellauni and Commander in Chief of the Iron Legions died leaving no successor and no male heir. For the good of the land it is declared by the Iron Throne that the land will be ruled by Lucius Surtova, right wise regent of the Iron Throne, by virtue of being the first born male heir of the Emperors brother Nikos Surtova and Myrna Rogarvia.

Rumours abound that the Lucias Surtova’s brother are not overly pleased with his ascension despite him being the first born male heir. The Imperial Sword Lords are quietly setting their blacksmiths to the creation of blades rather than plows whilst money is changes hands between the various Sword Lords of the land to secure loyalty and cement oaths.

Lucias Surtova is the Sword Lord of Catuvellauni
Vibius Surtovais is the Sword Lord of Coritani
Quintus Surtova is the Sword Lord of Dobunni

Nations of Gaia

The Iron Empire
The Ork Tribes
The Plains Goblins
The Elven Cities
The Khazari
The Tarragin
The Ice Goblins
The Shroud
The Undead

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